Verida is a leading Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Management Company that touches the lives of millions of Medicaid members annually. From our focus on innovative strategies to meet our clients’ needs, to driving enhanced customer service within the communities that we serve, our team is dedicated to growing a better company every single day.

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Verida Produces New Company Podcast for Employees
Verida, Inc. Wins Healthcare Customer Success Award from Sage
Verida, Inc. Receives Process/Technology Patent
In 2022 Southeastrans changed its name to Verida. ...
In 2022 Southeastrans changed its name to Verida. We also moved into our new 82,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters building in Villa Rica, Georgia, just a 30-minute drive from Atlanta.
Verida to Open New Headquarters
Verida to Open New Headquarters Office Sept 1, 202...
Verida to Open New Headquarters Office Sept 1, 2022  |  Atlanta, Georgia As Verida shares the news of its new name, another major milestone for the company is underway. President and CEO Steve Adams announced that the company will be moving into a new headquarters building this fall in Villa Rica, Georgia roughly 30 miles west of Atlanta. The new state-of-the-art energy-efficient building was designed with employees in mind, It has two large breakrooms with several seating areas. On nice spring days, employees will be able to open large garage-style doors in the break room on the terrace level to a connected outdoor space. The building has collaborative, open spaces throughout the three floors for comfortable meeting spaces or individual working areas.  The new headquarters is surrounded by a wooded area with a walking trail around the building. Outside the office, Villa Rica is located right off Interstate 20 West, providing easy access to and from Atlanta. It’s only 15 minutes from Douglasville and convenient to the University of West Georgia and West Georgia Technical College. It has an active downtown with unique shops, a variety of restaurants and bars, and even an amphitheater where local free concerts and art shows are held. The “City of Gold” was once a mining town and boasted the first gold strike in Georgia. There is a gold museum with tours, a train, and various children’s activities! Welcome to Verida.
New Company Name Announced…VERIDA
Southeastrans is now VERIDA Sept 1, 2022  |  Atl...
Southeastrans is now VERIDA Sept 1, 2022  |  Atlanta, Georgia In 2000, the Georgia Department of Community Health awarded us our first contract, to manage the Atlanta Medicaid NET Region. With 30 employees, and a single call center, we were off and running, and we quickly became recognized as a leader in reliable, high-quality transportation services. Since then, we have grown to more than 1,200 employees, 900 transportation providers, six call centers, and 3 million patient members. We provide more than 5.5 million trips each year, safely and steadfastly connecting lives to the health care they need. Our coverage has expanded to include Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C. And while we will always be Georgia born--and Georgia proud--we are not just a southern company anymore. And while our core business is Medicaid NEMT--we are not just a transportation company anymore. Every day we are exploring new opportunities to connect people with much-needed care and medicine. Every day we are exploring new ways to make a positive difference in people's lives. Today we are very good. We want to be even better--and bolder--tomorrow. And that means embracing change. Looking at every win and asking, "what's next?" And what's next for Southeastrans is this: as of (September 1st), Southeastrans will be named Verida. Verida is a name with energy and motion, much like the company we have built together. It is inspired by the word "Veritas"--which means truth. And the word "ride", which is a nod to our core business and where we began. This name will allow us to win anywhere--not just in the Southeastern United States. And it will allow us to win any way--as we expand our scope of business beyond patient transportation. Welcome to Verida.
Verida Career Opportunities and Events
Essential Services Documentation
Essential Services Documentation Dec 19, 2020  |...
Essential Services Documentation Dec 19, 2020  |  Atlanta, Georgia Most states have or will issue orders or recommendations for people to shelter in place, remain at home or other similar terms. Many providers have requested a letter explaining the nature and purpose of their essential services. To assist with this please provide the attached document to your employees, drivers, and vehicles. Click here for more information.
Our Mississippi State Director writes..
Our Mississippi State Director writes.. Oct 16, 20...
Our Mississippi State Director writes.. Oct 16, 2020  |  Atlanta, Georgia My son and daughter-in-law are ER nurses so while they’re working 12-14 hour shifts, my granddaughters stay with me. This is Kinley, 9 years old, who loves to sew. She has been sewing masks for her parents, their nurse friends, and her loved ones to protect them because she worries about them and, well, it’s what she can do. I told her I had to go to the pharmacy to check on my meds which have been held up during this mess, so she sewed Grammaw Tammaw a mask too. : ) Denim lined for safety, scarf cover so it can be sassy. #creativecommittedsafe
Weather Advisory – States of Louisiana & Mississippi – Hurricane Zeta
Weather Advisory – States of Louisiana & Mis...
Weather Advisory – States of Louisiana & Mississippi – Hurricane Zeta Oct 12, 2020  |  Atlanta, Georgia Weather Advisory Notice – Hurricane Zeta STATES OF LOUISIANA AND MISSISSIPPI NEW ALERT! Your safety is our number one concern. Due to current weather conditions along the gulf coast, Verida will be operating under our adverse weather plan in Mississippi.